Harvest more Trim bin Review – Consumer full review

Hello cannabis connoisseur,

Here is the full review of the Harvest More Trim Bin. I bought my trim bin about a year ago and have been loving this product ever since. I will go through and tell you about the design of the Harvest More trim bin to what you can do with it.

If you are a grower and in need of a place to trim over, or want to extract the resin glands from the buds or trim, then this bin is for you!

Harvest More Trim Bin

Harvest more Trim Bin Review

Price: $74.88 CAD

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Colors: Gray or black

Dimensions of the bin: 49.5 x 38.9 x 15.2 cm ; 1.72 Kg

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty

my rating: 9.5 out of 10

The Harvest More Trim Bin is great to have for trimming your bud during harvest. When the sugar leaf hits the screen some resin glands will fall through the screen to the bottom of the bin for later collection.

Harvest More

When you are harvesting a cannabis plant you will need a table or a box to collect the sugar leaf that you trim off of the bud. This handy bin rests comfortably on your lap and provides a place for the leaf to fall onto. With the 150 micron screen, it allows for the resin gland to fall through to the bottom portion of the bin while keeping the plant matter on the top of the bin.

The bin is made from 100% recycled plastic and is a sturdy and durable design. The 150-micron mesh screen is easy to clean and is removable. So if you have a smaller screen to collect more pure resin glands then you can easily replace the screens.

Description of the Trim Bin

The trim bin comes with two bins that resemble two kitty litter boxes stacked upon each other. The top bin has a removable 150-micron mesh screen. The plastic bin is a durable plastic that is super smooth to aid in fast clean up. The bottom bin has a smooth mirrored finish collection tray. With a huge area for kief collection. The bin comes with a static-free brush to easily sweep up the kief. (or if you have lots of kief in the tray you can also use a card for fast collection.

When you first get the bin, remove from the packaging and give it a quick wipe down. You are now ready to use it.

There aren’t many types of trim bins on the market as harvest more has a patent on its product. There are knock offs of the bin just like every other product on the market. However, those knock off products are of poor quality and do not have removable screens. Plus, who knows what it is made from.

What are the real costs of NOT getting a Trim Bin

The price might seem high to most people, but I promise you that you will be extremely happy with what this bin can do. Let me give you some of my numbers. Recently I processed about a pound of bud. while I trimmed over the bin I was able to collect about 1 gram of kief. (not much) when I dried out the trim (roughly half a pound) I passed it over the trim bins screen and was able to collect 20 grams of kief. That 20 grams of kief will be turned into about 20 grams of hash. (I pay about $15 per gram of hash. $15 x 20grams = $300 in hash. That more than I paid for the trim bin, and I am still able to use the trim bin for years to come.

If you don’t have this bin and are just using a cardboard box then you are losing out on all this good stuff.

Pros of having a Trim Bin

Pros of having the Trim bin are:

  • being able to collect the resin glands.
  • having an area where you can trim your buds
  • being able to collect the resin glands
  • Changing out the screen for a better end product
  • comfortable to use
  • easy to scrape up the resin glands

Cons on the Trim Bin

The downside of having the trim bin

  • only one screen comes with the bin: If you want to change out the screen you will have to purchase one separately
  • somewhat heavy

Uses of Trim Bin

When you are done harvesting the flowers, you will be left with the trim and larger fan leaves. You can pass the leaf over the screen to help separate the resin gland from the plant material.

With the resin glands, you can make Hash, edibles, moon rocks or just smoke it in a bowl.

My recommendation

I highly recommend this product to be able to collect more from the buds and to have a different product

My personal review

Like I have said, I use this product every time I trim my buds after harvest. To tell you the truth I don’t collect a huge amount of kief from the bud that I trim however I do get a little in the collection tray. enough to smoke a bowl. I normally use the trim bin to separate the resin glands from the sugar leaf after I dry the plant material. If you refer to my harvest more trim bin video review you can see how I am able to do this and the outcome of sieved material.

I give this product 9.5 stars out of 10. As it has allowed me to harvest more from the plant 

The Trim Bin is really one of the best investments I have ever made. I can save so much material, and make additional products. The only reason I took away the half star is simply due to the bin being able to change the screen, but another screen option does not come with the Trim Bin, which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t take away the fact that it is a great invention for growers. 

I have personally sourced the best price for you guys because it truly does pay for itself pretty quickly, and I am confident that you will enjoy yours as well. 

Harvest More Trim Bin

If you have any questions about the trim bin please leave me a question or comment below and I will answer as soon as I have the chance.

Take care

Happy growing!

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  1. This was a great and I hope to see more of this and I will put this so alot of people can see this and I hope that the more people see this on my email list that it give u more people to help you out and buy the seed from you again thank you for your story and time hope to here from you soon

  2. Hi,

    I agree that this is definitely a great price. If you compare it to the costs of buying the end product, with this bin you end up saving money, so it looks like an excellent investment. I have never grown my own weed, but would be interested in learning (as soon as it becomes legal in my country – Mexico – it is being discussed). Is the Harvest More Trim Bin apt for absolute beginners like me and does the trim bin come with a manual? Do they ship only in Canada for now? 

    • Hello, 

      The trim bin doesn’t come with a manual which is why I made a how to video. The trim bin can be shipped anywhere in the world where Amazon ships to. If you want to know more on how to grow please visit my other blogs as this is the point of my website. To help others know how to grow their own product

  3. Thank you very much for this article about ‘Harvest more Trim Bin।’ i have learned a lot about “Harvest more Trim Bin” by this article. Actually i had no idea about trim bin. Harvest more Trim Bin will be amazing for my flower Garden i hope & I’ll collect my one very soon… 

    Thanks Again for sharing this article…     

  4. This is a good video to watch the gentleman on here if you step by step on how to and a tree that you can grow great plants from and also he has a lot of advice on the crystals of the plant and there is a lot of input information should I say that will help you need farmer out there that needs advice on how to grow and how to have a great product from their breath I will post this and keep this as on my website the other people can enjoy it just as well as I did I hope to hear from you thank you so much

    • I completely agree with you. Also, what I should have done was to freeze the material first before I sieved it so that the trichomes would become brittle and therefore fall off easier.


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